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Concerned about home security? What to look for when buying a home

South Florida Coastal Group

Depending upon where you live in the U.S., home security may be your biggest concern when buying a house. Urba...

Open house? How to prepare your home for the big day

South Florida Coastal Group

The open house has been a part of home selling for more than 100 years, according to the National Association....

Landscape your way to additional home value

South Florida Coastal Group

Yes, Mom, money does sometimes grow on trees. The experts at the Appraisal Institute say that anything you do ...

Selling your home? Take these 3 steps to an irresistible garage

South Florida Coastal Group

When you’re getting ready to move, it’s common to want to lighten the load. Unfortunately, most of your ex...

Top Home Selling Myths Debunked

South Florida Coastal Group

The process of buying and selling homes is somewhat mysterious to many Americans – especially first-timers. ...

How nearby schools impact your home’s value

South Florida Coastal Group

It’s no mystery that, at any given time, the current economy impacts home values, but that’s not the only ...

Dreaming of a gourmet kitchen?

South Florida Coastal Group

Ask any architect to define a gourmet kitchen and you’ll likely get a definition that goes somewhat like thi...

Buying a home before the wedding

South Florida Coastal Group

Planning a wedding is one thing. Add a home purchase to that chaos and you have a recipe for a...

4 tips to sell a condo in a changing market

South Florida Coastal Group

We probably don’t need to tell you that the housing market is in flux. Current news headlines are screaming ...


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