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What is a 1031 Exchange?

South Florida Coastal Group

A 1031 exchange, also known as a like-kind exchange, is a tax-deferred real estate transaction authorized by t...

Watch out for the latest scams!

South Florida Coastal Group

It’s no secret that the internet has become an integral part of our lives, offering convenience, connectivit...

5 Things to consider before becoming a landlord: What they don’t tell you

South Florida Coastal Group

Nobody really knows the total number of people who consider themselves landlords in the U.S. The IRS puts the ...

Easy ways to increase your property value before selling

South Florida Coastal Group

Have you ever noticed how the longer you live in a home, the less you notice or the more you...

Finding Your Property Line: A Guide for Homeowners

South Florida Coastal Group

Here’s a scenario. You receive a notice of violation from your HOA regarding weeds in your front yard. Since...

From Tenant to Homeowner: A Guide for Young Renters

South Florida Coastal Group

Slightly more than 35% of Americans are tenants, paying $1,937 (median) in rent each month, according to Rent....

Smart Strategies to Save for a Down Payment on Your Dream Home

South Florida Coastal Group

Dreaming of buying a home? One of the biggest challenges of the process is coming up with a down payment,...

DIY Water Heater Routine Maintenance

South Florida Coastal Group

Water heaters are the unsung heroes of modern living, providing the luxury of hot showers, sanitized dishes, a...

How schools impact property values

South Florida Coastal Group

  Take a look at your new home wish list. You’ve undoubtedly included the number of bedrooms and bathro...


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