Why Do I Need A REALTOR?

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Published on August 13, 2019

Why Do I Need A REALTOR?

Michele and Steven Amowitz * AmoRealtyHomes.com

You don’t! If you a buyer, feel free to search on your own, make all the calls on your own, schedule all showings on your own, be alone in your home to show a stranger around your personal effects, negotiate on your own. You will expend a lot of time and energy, emotional as well, to find your dream property only to be left to fend for yourself. A great agent has the education, experience and information to assist you through the process and help you get to the closing table. Your choice!

If you are a seller, the huge elephant in the room is commission. A REALTOR can advise you on whether or not it is a good time to sell. We can make recommendations for work that should be done to maximize your price. We show the property, have materials handy, capture leads, contact our database, advertise, network, put it on the MLS, place it on the popular websites, give it visibility locally and internationally, fight the good fight for you. We vet the potential buyer, get the paperwork ready and signed. We initiate the ordering of the Title so you can sell. We are there to trouble shoot through every step. In other words, we work hard during the entire process and do not get paid until you close.

What about the discount brokers? You get what you pay for. Our Broker said to go for it but be honest. Let the seller know that they do not receive full service for discount fees. Spell out exactly what the seller is getting. If the seller, you, is fine with that level of service and time, then proceed. The client should be aware that they will then need to educate themselves to protect themselves. You are not paying for that with a discount brokerage.

So many facets go into a real estate transaction. Hiring a great agent helps to get your property from listed to sold. REALTORS are there to take the punches for you and do the research required. Whether you are buying or selling, the legwork is ours.

So many misconceptions abound. Of course, many people have had bad experiences with a REALTOR. No two people are alike. Interview an agent, ask questions, get a good feeling, like the person!


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