These REALTORS No Longer Dream Of A Ph.D

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Published on March 22, 2017

These REALTORS No Longer Dream Of A Ph.D

Back in the day, Steve was a teacher and Michele was a social worker. Each had a vision of what they would like to achieve. When they met, they discovered that they shared a common goal, that was to one day earn a Ph. D in their field of studies. Well, one thing led to another and they started to invest and learn more about Real Estate. They still held onto their bucket lists until they were advised by a Real Estate Lawyer to get their license. They were told that it would open more doors. They followed the advice of the lawyer, studied and took the test. Upon working at their first brokerage, as a team, they realized that they had a lot to learn.

Steve and Michele started to embark upon a journey of knowledge. There were so many classes with helpful information. That was just the beginning. Every month, there are new modes of generating leads and updating marketing campaigns. They quickly realized that they could be mediocre agents or offer the best to their customers.

The Amowitz Team keeps current with all of the latest digital media possible. They receive coaching, attend classes and webinars, not to mention stocking up on the most helpful books. Not only do they take the time to get to know the needs of who they are working with, they offer the utmost in service to achieve the best results.

So, who would have thought that getting a Real Estate license would require so much intensive study? As a member of the Team, I can personally say that it is extremely rewarding and fulfilling. Real Estate has become our passion. Isn’t that exactly what we are all looking for?


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