Smart Real Estate Shopping

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Published on January 28, 2019

Smart Real Estate Shopping

Yes, I am a Broker Associate with RE/MAX Prestige. Yes, my partner Steven and I have done a lot of research and have worked on both sides of many transactions. I have a pet peeve. It is something that I find annoying but cannot verbalize when I am showing a listing of ours. I would love for customers to shop with their minds in addition to their emotions. I know it is difficult but it pays off. We always counsel our customers. Being well informed is the best asset in any situation.

Steve and I have bought and sold a large quantity of homes. Have we ever purchased without weighing out all of the options? NO!!!!!!! For a time, we lived upstate New York. There was a really nice Victorian Home, the size was great, the location was great, the price was right on target but we hedged. I did not like the color it was painted. Here was this wonderful Painted Lady and I walked away, so did everyone else. It is a hefty expense to paint a home. We continued our search until I weighed the options and made my brain click on. We ran right back to the house, thankfully before anyone else came to their senses. We purchased it and never regretted the decision. Everything was great about this home and we grew to embrace the color. Neighbors and friends were surprised until they came inside and experienced all that this charmer had to offer.

I do have a very important point. When you are comparing houses, look at the positives. There are always going to be negatives. Even when you build new, a detail or two that you thought would be great turn out to be poor choices. Ask yourself what the home has to offer. How is the location? What are the value adds–windows, sprinkler system. appliances, roof, architectural details, etc. What is it that is stopping you from purchasing that particular home?

Take the time to analyze and then let your emotions run all over it! You just may end up with the home you have always wanted!


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