People Hate REALTORS

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Published on October 26, 2018

People Hate REALTORS

People Hate REALTORS (strong word)
Yes, “hate” is a strong word but it’s true! How many of you have worked
with an agent then just scurried over to someone else, for no reason? It
happens all day long. The truth is an agent does not have to have an
office, or live, in the town you are buying or selling in. We work many
areas and have the tools to network and help find our customers what is
best for them. I will list some of the main complaints and often
misconceptions regarding REALTORS:
*they lack experience
Well, in any profession, yes, I said profession, it is difficult to gain
experience when no one will give you a chance. Granted, there are very
green REALTORS and you can spot them a mile away. A true
professional who is ready, willing and able to do the research and put in
the necessary time and energy is going to clear the path to the closing
table. Beware of the smooth talker who makes promises. You want to
hire a genuine person, someone whose only promise is to concentrate
on you and your transaction.
*they have had too many different career paths
Just like being married to your first spouse, staying in one career long
time does not happen for most people. Often, that is a bonus with a
REALTOR. We bring skills from all different careers—marketing,
customer service, law, teaching, social services, investing—to name a
few. How is that bad? You want your agent to know how to network,
advertise, research, and get the job done. Many of us go to classes
regularly and have designations that improve our skills.

*they makes mistakes
We are human beings. We make mistakes. Please do not advocate to
have robots do our jobs. I can assure you there will still be mistakes and
other areas will fall short. There is not much more I can add to this. As
long as we learn from our mistakes, we grow stronger.
*their job seems too easy
Really? Besides your paid therapist, who do you feel comfortable
texting or calling at all hours of the day or night because you feel
stressed or want an answer right now? We get paid at the closing table.
The market dictates how many sales we get a year. There are highs
and lows. Not to mention the vast skills we need to master. That is what
Steven and I personally love about this career. We get to learn digital
marketing, social media, negotiating skills, further our education, do

research, attend seminars, network—the list goes on. Being a
REALTOR is challenging and never boring.
All this being said, find the agent who is passionate about their work.
Find the agent who thrives on the challenge and excitement of learning
and mastering all aspects of this amazing field. Find the agent who
won’t just put a sign in your yard and walk away. Hire the agent who is
dedicated to helping you achieve your Real Estate goal.
The Amowitz Team is on it. We are confident we can assist you and do
it with abandon! We love what we do!
Michele and Steven Amowitz
Broker Associates-RE/MAX Prestige


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